Leah Ingram is a Waimakariri Artist working from her home studio. Her preferred medium is watercolour with ink.

Leah has had a love of art for as long as she can remember and it has always provided a safe haven for her to work through muddled thoughts. Although her art was born from a need to escape during her adolescence, having suffered at the hands of someone from her inner circle, it became such an intrinsic part of her being that not fulfilling her need to paint feels debilitating.

Creating is a place of healing for Leah; she knows having art to appreciate can be just as healing. It has been a long time dream for Leah to have her art reach as many people as possible, to make connections with like minded creatives, those that appreciate art and colour in their homes.

While raising her one and only son, Leah grasped the opportunity to grow her creative skill and work towards her lifelong goal - becoming an Artist. For Leah this not only meant picking up a brush and trying new mediums, it was investing in a high quality professional printer and scanner to ensure she could provide affordable prints and cards of her illustrations.

Learning a new medium (watercolour) and stumbling her way through the beginnings of a small business, there were numerous internal and external hurdles Leah overcame. From imposter syndrome (which, at times, can still feel prevalent) to searching and testing copious materials to ensure quality of the highest standard, Leah feels she has grown an incredible amount.

Leah hopes to always personally print and package every card and print, ensuring waste is minimal and that every piece leaving her home is in the best condition. She hopes to remain your "little ol’ (not that ol’) local artist" with a bright and friendly disposition, making connections with people from all around.


Leah Ingram Artist clutches brushes and art pens in her left first while resting it against her face. She has a big smile.